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Defeat Your Weakest Link - Raise Your Potential


How do you address inconsistencies in your training?? You acknowledge you are only as strong as your weakest link.

Now how would you do this when you don’t have a barbell and cables and metal around to help you do this? Well, science allows us opportunities to do different approaches to address certain issues at hand …. And my approach here engages muscle systems and a bit of “cardio” using the science of time and Type 1 muscle fibres …

Whether you need to create a foundation or make an existing one stronger or better you will get out of this what you put in and it will just get better the more you “get” it.

Want to find your next level of outcomes? Start here!!

5 Programs to use as workouts for beginners and slow starters through to more intermediate. advanced people putting these workouts in between their normal workout routines as active recovery days …. All you need is a Swiss ball, some socks or towel or sliders to slide with, light or no DB’s, bands of any kind to pull with gently and a hip sling/glute band.

FREE add on …… For this short term only …. In 24 hours of signing up get a FREE Pesonalised Nutrition Report with a Calorie, Macro and Portion Guide based on a Balanced or Keto or Low Carb etc as well as FREE Meal Plans directly related to your Personalised Report …. FREE ….