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Gold MMF - Metabolic - Functional - Fit Exercise and Lifestyle Program Hybrid Coaching


Enough accountability to make a difference and keep your focus in the funnel. Enough freedom to not destroy your schedule planning.
Program printouts and online video access provide you the support to make this count.

Program Coaching x 1 session (or a new program and program session monthly if on a package)

In-person Exercise Coaching x 1 session per month

Zoom or similar system to provide support and accountability x 2 per month @ 30 minutes each

Measurements and Lifestyle Coaching x 1 per month

The fee includes the Assessment of $165 and the total fee is a one off payment.

Packages are available:
- 3 months with monthly program renewals and support @ $220 per month (excl.’s Assessment fee)
- 3 month bonus package in full as per above @ $599 (excl.’s Assessment fee)

(Contact directly for 3 month package information and payment)