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Gold Posture, Corrective Exercise and Lifestyle Coaching Hybrid Program


Progressing from a beginner or already an intermediate or advanced exerciser? Program printouts and online video access provide you the support to make this count.

Program Coaching x 1 session (or a new program and program session monthly if on a package)

Two follow up sessions are established through a Zoom or similar system to provide support and accountability.

One ( or monthly if opt into the package deal) Measurements and Lifestyle Coaching Session

The fee includes the Assessment of $165 and the total fee is a one off payment.

Packages are available:
- 3 months with monthly program renewals and support @ $188 per month (excl.’s Assessment fee)
- 3 month bonus package in full as per above @ $499 (excl.’s Assessment fee)

(Contact directly for 3 month package information and payment)