Elixir of Life Personal Training

Strong in Creation - Strong in Mind - Strong in Body - Strong in Spirit - Strong in Life

“The purpose of freedom is to create it for others” Nelson Mandela

Elixir of Life Personal Training Gym is a highly specialised personal training and coaching facility in Coffs Harbour. We focus on coaching our clients using a client-centred, client-focused approach.

Mission / Purpose of Elixir of Life Training

Building a bridge between Strength Training, Functional Training, corrective exercise pathways and integrating individual lifestyle growth. As a team, we are committed to coaching clients to integrate lifestyles alongside training to produce  healthy, happy, strong, fit and purposeful lives.

An Elixir of Life Personal Training Program / Online Coaching Program seeks to improve your ability to move freely and fluidly, be flexible and pain free, be healthy and strong, look great and be athletic if thats important to you. We seek outcomes of wide reaching impact for your best results.

Benefits and Results  

Look better! Lose weight, shed body fat, gain and build muscle, shape your body, enhance your physique, improve your posture, improve your movement and grace, improve your coordination, reflexes and speed, get compliments, a great butt, show definitions and get results that mean something to you in what you present to others and that makes you feel great in whatever that might be!

Be better! Think better! Feel better! Relieve stress, increase energy, enhance relaxation, rehabilitate injuries, achieve vibrant health, gain vitality, sleep deeper, communicate well, be free of pain, be the you that you want to be!

Function Better! Maximise life! Be happy! Run faster, jump higher, peak sports performance, daily strength maximisation, improved work performance, finish your day feeling fresh and able, feel alive, improve your digestion and remove bloating and embarrassing body issues, love your eating habits and not feel guilty, enhance libido and sexual performance, improve your overall stamina to swim in the stream of life rather than against it!