Elixir of Life Personal Training

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Elixir of Life Personal Training Services 

At Elixir of Life Personal Training Gym Coffs Harbour all potential clients go through a free consultation and screening procedure where you get to tell us your story.

We will ask further questions so as to make decisions with you about the best approach to take in moving forward as a Personal Training client.

All assessments and screenings will provide information in the areas of: 

  • orthopaedic ability
  • core stabilisation 
  • functional movement
  • strength movement patters 
  • nutrition and lifestyle assessments and coaching  (Cond.’s apply)

The Personal Training Membership sessions at Elixir of Life Personal Training Gym are structured, and applied with individual specific adaptations and needs, to provide clients workout formats to improve their: 

  • posture
  • functional health / movement / strength
  • correct chronic back / shoulder / knee pain or injuries
  • lose weight and change the shape and size of their bodies
  • improve their sports performance 
  • increase and improve strength
  • fitness and conditioning