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Success Stories

Here are some samples of testimonials from our happy clients. Whilst everyone's specific goals, level of fitness, commitment and motivation is different, we hope that these testimonials help to inspire you with what is possible with the right trainer helping you along the way. 

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Where do I start? I was referred to Keith Elixir of Life Personal Training Gym Coffs Harbour by a close friend of mine. I was constantly feeling tired/exhausted and would quite regularly feel faint and dizzy. Being a busy, working mum of 5 kids I did not have time to feel tired and be low on energy. As I was doing no exercise what so ever I thought that the exercise would be all I needed to start feeling good again. I was no stranger to gyms, fad diets, calorie counting, shakes etc. I have always been a bit body conscience my whole teenage and adult life, even though I have always been around a size 8. Since the very first consultation with Keith at Elixir of Life I knew that it would be a place different to where I had been before, different from your commercial gyms, different to the thousands of personal trainers out there. I was very pleased and impressed right from the start. Keith addressed problems that I already had with my posture, incorrect hip alignment and diet. I was blown away with his knowledge and passion of the human body. I could tell that he had far more training and knowledge than most out there! Keith really does care about his clients and will go out of his way to help them in anyway he can. His holistic approach is fantastic too. It's not all about getting that amazing body at any cost, he takes health very seriously. But that doesn't mean you won't get results either. I was amazed at how quickly my body transformed. I felt so full of energy became more toned and felt the strongest I have ever felt in my life. I never imagined I could ever have the strength to do what I can do now. I am eating a healthy "diet" and have never felt so satisfied, a far cry to how I felt while living on shakes and a low calorie diet. I also have a healthier attitude towards my body image and my health. Keith has helped me a lot with that. I am now 5 months pregnant and I am still going to Keith and doing more and feeling fitter than what I was when I first started. I have continued to see Keith throughout my pregnancy because I truly do trust him and his judgement when it comes to exercise. I could keep on writing pages and pages of positive things about Keith and Elixir of Life, but I won't. You really need to experience it for yourself. I feel so incredibly blessed to have started on this path of health and well being with Keith.

Tenille Duncan

After suffering compression fractures to my L1 and L4 vertebrae in my lower back, and experiencing a long period of inactivity while the fractures healed, I was keen to find a personal trainer who could help me recover to full health. In October 2010 I was given an Elixir of Life Personal Training Gym Coffs Harbour brochure and thought I would give it a try. I spoke to Keith on the phone then went into get an assessment. Keith was very professional and thorough. Keith's assessment took account all aspects of my health , diet and fitness.After a few weeks the improvement in my general fitness was so dramatic my husband, suffering from two bulging discs, was also motivated to attend. We have improved our flexibility and agility, increased our strength and endurance, and have in the process lost many kilos of unwanted flab.Each program is designed to improve on our current fitness level. They are always interesting and varied, and within our "stretch" tolerance. We appreciate the way Keith walks us through each new program individually.My husband and I (both in our 60's) were able to back pack through Burma last December. We were thrilled that we were fit and strong enough to carry our bags over springy planks to board ferries, and had the stamina to do all day treks after travelling all night on local buses. Many of the younger travellers struggled to do the same.We enjoy our training. It is a fun part of our weekly routine and intend to continue indefinitely. What a novelty that as we get older we get stronger, fitter, more confident and find our life more enjoyable. 

Caryl Kinny

Three years ago due to the nature of my work and lifestyle at the young age of 53 I found myself always fatigued and sore and starting to get injuries. I knew there had to be a better way to cope and it was then that I met Keith from Elixir of Life Personal Training Gym Coffs Harbour and I haven't looked back. Three years of commitment and a holistic approach to my lifestyle with Keith as my trainer, I am now fitter and stronger and have so much more energy than before, its fantastic. I have even started surfing again! So if you want the best trainer in Coffs Harbour Keith is undoubtedly the man!

Martin van Waelsden

I’ve been a member of a couple of different gyms, always hopeful that I’d lose the layers I had gathered over winter in time for summer. Nowhere can even compare to the results that I’ve had from working with Keith at Elixir of Life Personal Training Gym Coffs Harbour. The success I’ve had from Elixir of Life isn’t just because I’ve been “going to the gym”, it’s been visiting Keith where he coaches me on simple lifestyle changes. The whole experience isn’t only about working out, it’s about nourishing your body with the right foods, discovering new limits in your body and mind, but most importantly learning and understanding that your body is completely capable of whatever your mind has set itself. I went from bloated tummy, jiggly legs, shapeless arms, and a flat bum to a rounded bum, flat tummy, defined arms and toned legs. I have never looked better than I do right now, but more importantly emotionally I have never been happier and more positive. Keith has taught me invaluable lessons that I would never have known had I started this journey on my own. Keith’s services and expertise is second to none in the Coffs Harbour area and I wholly credit him as the key to my success.

Chelsea Holden

After having tried many local gyms and fitness centres, I found a flyer about Elixir of Life Personal Training Gym Coffs Harbour and did a little research followed by an appointment with Keith to see if this program would suit me. I was looking for something different as my past experiences always lacked intensity, sound knowledge and personal assistance. I am happy to say I have found it all at elixir of life. I find Keith and his program to be very thorough, organised and personal. I have been attending now for just on one year and Keith continually adjusts my program to suit my personal advancements. This is important to me, as I need to be motivated and bore quickly with the same thing day in and day out. Keith's program is not just exercise, but a detailed assessment of my wellbeing. Having lost a few kilos is an added bonus, I feel stronger, taller and motivated to continue on this path. How lucky are we to have this facility available to us in Coffs Harbour.